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Spain does not have the equivalent of the RSPCA so sadly help will be minimal: any rescues are usually local and run by a few kind, stressed, overworked (and skint!) cat lovers not always internet savvy and who are already struggling to do what they do, day in day out, plus their own work and family life as well as trying to do little neuter programmes when they get a spare second. MY own cat organisation is very small and covers only part of Benalmadena ,Malaga Costa de Sol....SO WHAT TO DO?

If you find young kittens, do not rush to take them away unless they look poorly, their mum may be nearby. Monitor them for 12-24 hours to see if she is about, leave water/LACTOSE FREE milk and some wet food but hopefully Mum is there somewhere.

If a cat is in trouble or sick and you can catch it, take it to a local vet. They are not as expensive as the UK and they will at least be able to give some emergency treatment, ask costs when you speak to them, most speak some English. Ask your Hotel to recommend one. The vet will also often know the names of any local non kill rescues. (However beware, if the police or municipal pound are called, they may only be given 10 days before being put to sleep and if injured.)

Alternatively, search ‘Protectoras Gatos’ or ‘Cat Rescue’ and the name of the nearest town. This will likely give you the name of a place in the area, write in English or get your hotel to help translate a short message , send a map of exact location, you may or may not get a reply some are online more than others, all of us are bombarded with requests we just cannot fulfil with the few volunteers and resources we have but some of us will try to advise at least. (Some organisations also have neuter programmes, which you could help with.) We really understand what it is to want to help a vulnerable cat, but you as a tourist need to ready to be involved and help contribute towards their rescue and help get them to a place, if rescue is possible.

If you have the love and funding and are actually offering a home in UK to the cat, you may get a good response from some rescues, but bear in mind that they cannot travel until they are well and have had rabies jab plus the compulsory 21 day period wait so you will need to find someone to board them until then. There are reputable and registered travel companies who will deliver door to door,  I am happy to recommend those I have used, by PM. It’s all doable and I have helped rehome a few cats to those holidaymakers in our area who have been ready to do so and all have been successful. But sadly I cannot help outside our area, though we will of course, advise.

Water is most important during summer, leave bowls of water hidden under shady bushes and remove any discoloured water, green water can give cats internal infections. If you are going to leave food, don’t just throw it on the floor, residents get upset and this starts off illegal poisoning; leave plates in hidden places where people will not get upset and then please remove uneaten food the next morning. EARLY MORNING AND LATE NIGHT AVISABLE TO FEED!!!

If you can get a worm tablet and flea pipette from a local vet, that will really help them if they are living foraging and without owners or carers. If you see the ear clipped they are neutered street cats and have a carer please don’t interfere as the cats have their diet and hours of feeding.

When you go home and you remember your holiday but also remember the plight of the abandoned cats in Spain, think about sponsoring those organisations who are here looking after them all year, I Kelly Dooley welcome your help, I can only do so much but I do the best I can single handed, but need resources to do that! 


TO THOSE that live here in Spain and feed feral cats please be responsible as people like myself can’t manage to pick up the pieces and solution for you. NEUTERING is the fundamental core reducing over population and more furrys being born on Spains cruel streets!


TO THOSE who live in Spain and decide to return to the UK please take your cat with you and please don’t dump it as most domestic cats don’t survive long on the streets in Spain.. I can advise on transport companies but please understand your cat needs to be fully chipped passported and vaccined for  travel!!


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