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Rescue IAN is another lucky one ...a few months ago he was just a Street cat...unfortunately he got a bad abyss on his cheek that wasn’t getting better with medication and it exploded making a big hole and infection on the right side of his face....months of recuperation and vet checks and finally we won

He’s a really sweet gentle boy and he is very grateful and happy


Little LOTTY ..Left in the killing station... unfortunately no one could help Lotty. On social media I was tagged by people and charities.

Helped by a good friend collecting Lotty from the killing station and bringing her to me that same day

Lotty now has the chance of a wonderful happy life. 


Over two months ago JAZZ was on the streets in un-neutered dumped house cat.....look at the photo still not adopted now castrated tested double negative and under one year old a fur bundle of fun


SAILOR...chubby dwarf rescue boy who luckily I rescue from Benalmadena coast Spain...
He has long surgery to open up hes gums and burning away some of the flesh so these poor teeth can come through as he was suffering such pain and after expensive treatments over the last weeks that didnt have much success in SAILORS case....a biopsy was also done to confirm there wasn't any other underlying problems.
SAILOR was also castrated and blood tested and wonderfully came out NEGATIVE for FLV and FLeV.


WONDERFUL WILLIE two months ago WILLIE didn’t have a name or a purpose to live.......he didn’t no the reason for this misfortune and the suffering on the streets in Granada😢 Willie had been brutally kicked or had a road traffic accident to cause him a terrible spinal injury which unfortunately affected his two back legs unable to co-ordinate them both and its clear he had suffered from severe herpes virus when a baby causing partial vision in one eye!!!..when I saw WILLIE on all Spanish animal social sites I first offered to help him but after too many bees in the pot of honey i decided to decline...but i couldnt think of nothing else but to help him The days passed and  he was declining badly in Gaudix Granada!!!Then a angel arrived Luis Doblado Cañete who took his free day off to go and collect WILLIE and would only accept little petrol money.
To initially see WILLIE hospitalised in the vets it broke my heart....he slept for four days exhausted and sad.. his brital fur and boney body💔.......but then the medication....yummy food and LOVE ♥ he started to understand that not everything is painful......🐾

His transformation has been incredible....a fighter....those useless legs are now stronger legs and his determination has made these legs work....he doesn’t care to dive bomb and crash around because he gets up and carries on playing and loving each moment as these legs are legs he couldn’t use before. His fur transformed into smooth shiny hair....his appetite always perfect.


FLOWER is a 3/4 year female of my colonies and is tested leukemia positive, neutered, dewormed de-flead and is looking for a safe loving home as a CHECK was perfectly fit and healthy!!!!She would like a calm sweet home as a indoor cat she is really sweet and loving and life is hard for her on Spains streets!!!

Can travel almost immediately abroad....I will cover her vet costs of chip passport, vaccines as i am sad that this furry is suffering living rough under cars and behind walls and often vacantly sitting in the middle of the road

All I ask is the wonderful person who adopts pays the travel!!!!


Look into her eyes you can see her heart


The Kitten left in the bad rains for dead.

12 days is hospital now home under Supervision warm...

Give this wonderful cat a special home.


They all matter!!!!..late at night I caught the new dumped boy WHISKY !! He will be neutered dewormed, de-flea, ear clipped and released if no safe foster/adoption comes forward any small help with his vets bills helps these poor spanish cats have a better life. Thank you


Poor GOLFIE....operation went well on his badly broken leg and now month of recuperation and this means a lot of time and recovery. I had to place and adjust the cat flat so he has a cage for himself as he needs space so he doesn’t lick or damage the wound further. outside rebuilding work of his leg......he will now need 24hour TLC medicating...feeding and treatments and intense cleaning of the pins in his leg...this I now two months of care and vet trips alongside humanising the wonderful GOLFI.


I am GINGER and I’m lucky to be alive coz they left me in a box and a friend contacted Kelly Dooley and she took me to the vets...I was spitting at Kelly on the Friday but on Saturday and Sunday I calmed down and I love it at Kelly’s flat...she’s got more of us😂😂😂😂the cats told me DONT WORRY.JUST KICK CAT LITTER OUT AND CRY and Kelly comes to the rescue to clean and feed us...♥.....on a serious note I have started my worming for coccidios giardia and de-flead and royal.canin weaning dried food and pate!!!! me ♥😻🐾please consider me so I can get a VIP adoption in soon

Peter Pan

Its special PETER PAN.😻😻😻♥..he also has really suffered on the streets and after.paying to.get him to me in malaga from Huelva..and two weeks hospitalized....he finally doesn't have a amputation of the back leg...weeks and weeks of recuperation to.heal.the leg and currently at home 3 x a day..intense. cleaning...treatments...we pray he will have most use.of the leg...but i has been.damaged but at least he able to.use it to.some percentage and i will do water bath therapy so he gets exercise and more sensation on.this.leg..knee and paws..another true miracle cat🐾♥🙌


I am the invisible rescue cat along with Jo-Jo and Osito; no one asks for us....Kelly rescued us in bad conditions when we was 3months old...our brother runover an our Mum left us already she was in season again but we were trapped with our Mum and she was neutered and lives on the street and Kelly cares for her every day!!

We are shy cats and soft cats....we need a small enclosed garden....we need to be given our time to adapt and feel safe in a new day we would like to sit on your lap but we need time and love....and patience, we aren’t aggressive cats....we are shy cats...a relaxing home with a family to accept us for being shy cats...thank you for reading...please as we need our space now we have grown and the little flat is full!!!

Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain

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