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I am the sister of Pom Pom, we would love to be adopted together. 


Pom Pom

Two sisters Pom Pom & Twinkle rescued when they were both abandoned in one of my controlled colonys..they are now castrated and both tested double negatives dewormed de-flead. They are very very sweet affectionate Girls that would LOVE the warm and LOVE of a free roaming safe BALCONYS/terrace..


Abandoned in a controlled colony. A loving cat that needs to be off the streets ASAP. Find a home for Fluff



SAILOR...chubby dwarf rescue boy who luckily I rescue from Benalmadena coast Spain...
He has long surgery to open up hes gums and burning away some of the flesh so these poor teeth can come through as he was suffering such pain and after expensive treatments over the last weeks that didnt have much success in SAILORS case....a biopsy was also done to confirm there wasn't any other underlying problems.
SAILOR was also castrated and blood tested and wonderfully came out NEGATIVE for FLV and FLeV.



BONNIE no one asks for her....i worked hard bringing her Up by bottle when tourists found her..months past and no one focuses on her...shes super amazing..loving and special..only responsable free roaming...protections to Windows/BALCONYS can travél pending House checkshes double negative..contract on castration..she is 4 .5 months old  would like feline company 



My rescue VIKING doing very well so far in hes new home and 2 Cats Friends hes slowly getting to meet.....special boythanks to everybody for donating when he was hospitilized and dying...thankyou to Benalvet Clínica veterinaria for all the passion....hardwork and determination



We aim to keep this page as up to date as possible, for the very latest cats that need adoption, please contact Kelly Via Facebook  

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